AFP Graphics Advisory

DVBP622 4 N 0451 FRA /AFP-VR64 Graphics-Advisory AFP Graphics Advisory PARIS, Aug 21, 2011 (AFP) - Sunday's graphics: LIBYA CONFLICT MAP Map of Libya updating developments in conflict and control of towns. Text slug: Libya-unrest 90 x 83 mm Available now LIBYA CONFLICT TIMELINE Updated chronology of the Libyan insurrection since February 15. Text slug: Libya unrest 130 mm wide Available by 1700 GMT US HIKERS TRIAL Map locating region where three US hikers accused of spying were captured by Iranian authorities in July 2009. Tehran's prosecutor confirmed on Sunday two have been sentenced to eight years in prison. Text slug: Iran-US-hikers-trial 45 x 69 mm Available now LIBERIA FACTFILE Country factfile for Liberia, where a referendum on constitutional changes is being held on Tuesday. Text slug: Liberia-politics-referndum 45 x 156 mm Available now Still available: CAPE VERDE FACTFILE Country factfile for Cape Verde, where presidential elections are being held on Sunday. Text slug: CapeVerde-vote-factfile 90 x 79 mm INDIA CAMPAIGNER Profile of Anna Hazare, India's anti-corruption campaigner who has been given permission by the authorities to fast for 15 days with his supporters in the capital New Delhi. Text slug: India-corruption-dissent 90 x 96 mm MARTIN LUTHER KING MEMORIAL Graphic on a new memorial for Martin Luther King, due to be unveiled on the National Mall in the US capital on August 28. Standalone graphic 130 x 110 mm Moved earlier: LIBYA CONFLICT 90 x 116 mm PAKISTAN MASSACRE 45 x 60 mm SYRIA 90 x 80 mm BELGIUM STORM 45 x 67 mm WORLD STOCKS 175 x 140 mm AFGHANISTAN KABUL ATTACKS 90 x 52 mm FULL-FACE VEILS 45 x 65 mm SEPTEMBER 11 ANNIVERSARY: Text slug: US-attacks-911-anniversary - TIMELINE Chronology of how events unfolded on September 11, 2001. 175 x 248 mm - HIJACKED FLIGHTS Map showing flight paths of the four hijacked aircraft. 130 x 101 mm Rugby World Cup (September 9 to October 23): Text slug: RugbyU-WC2011-NZL POOL TEAMS (4x) 172 x 87 mm VENUES 130 x 139 mm QUALIFIERS 130 x 113 mm FIXTURES 211 x 216 mm Paris Hong Kong Tel +33 1 4041 7352 +852 2829 6295 afp AFP 211420 GMT AUG 11