Maltese ship heading for Tripoli under fire

REU0306 3 OEC 167 ( G RBN AFA CSA LBY RWSA RWS REULB GNS GFN AFN RNA PX RNP DNP PGE SXNA EMRG PL LY EUROP CEEU AFR WAR DIS SHP POL DIP MT CMPNY WEU EZC EEU GEN PIL CWP NSS ) L5E7JL0A8 LIBYA-SHIP/FIRE Maltese ship heading for Tripoli under fire WARSAW, Aug 21 (Reuters) - A Maltese ship heading for Tripoli to pick up refugees came under fire and could not dock in the port, Polish foreign ministry officials were quoted as saying on Sunday by Polish state news agency PAP. "The ship is waiting for a better moment to enter the port because during its first attempt it came under fire," Paulina Kapuscinska, a spokeswoman from the ministry, told PAP. The ministry was not immediately available to confirm the report. Poland has evacuated most of its citizens from Libya and moved its ambassador from Tripoli to rebel-held Benghazi, but some 250 people from mixed Polish-Libyan families have stayed behind, the ministry official added. One family had hoped to leave on the Maltese ship, the MV Triva 1. Heavy fighting in Libya's capital broke out late on Saturday between rebels and remnants of Muammar Gaddafi's forces as the rebel forces try to capture the capital Tripoli. (Reporting by Patryk Wasilewski; editing by Elizabeth Piper) REUTERS 1359 210811 GMT