Violence in and around the Gaza Strip in 2011

DVBP206 4 W 0398 ZZZ /AFP-VJ06 Israel-Palestinians-conflict-Gaza-timeline CHRONO Violence in and around the Gaza Strip in 2011 JERUSALEM, Aug 21, 2011 (AFP) - After two years of relative calm since the end of Operation Cast Lead, Israel's devastating 22-day assault on Gaza which ended in January 2009, violence in and around the Strip has been on the upturn. Here are the main developments since January: JANUARY 2011 - 13: Hamas orders its security forces to ensure militant groups observe a truce on firing rockets at Israel. - 18: A Palestinian teenager is killed and two other people wounded in an Israeli tank operation in northern Gaza a day after rocket fire resumes. FEBRUARY 2011 - 23: Tank fire kills a militant and wounds 10 other people after militants fire a rocket at Beersheva for the first time since Cast Lead. MARCH 2011 - 16: Air strike kills two militants from the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas after a mortar shell lands in Israel. - 19: The Brigades, which had been observing a de facto truce since January 2009, fire 50 mortar rounds at Israel to avenge their deaths. - 22: In the bloodiest day since Cast Lead, Israeli air strikes and tank attacks kill eight, including four Islamic Jihad militants. - 27: Air strike kills two more Islamic Jihad militants. APRIL 2011 - 7: Hamas militants fire an anti-tank rocket at an Israeli school bus, killing a teenager and sparking three days of retaliatory air strikes which leave 19 Gazans dead and 66 wounded; more than 150 rockets fired into Israel. JULY 2011 - 5: Drone strike kills two militants in central Gaza. - 12: Increased rocket fire kicks off six days of low-key tit-for-tat violence, with Israel staging daily air strikes on Gaza. AUGUST 2011 - 6: Hamas arrests two Salafists for firing rockets at Israel after another week of rockets and air strikes. - 16: Israeli air strike kills one and wounds seven after a rocket lands near Beersheva. - 18-20: Gunmen stage a coordinated ambush near the Red Sea resort town of Eilat, killing eight Israelis and prompting four days days of retaliatory air strikes which kill 15 Gazans and injure nearly 50; militants fire over 100 rockets at Israel, killing one Israeli and injuring dozens. hmw/hkb AFP 211142 GMT AUG 11