Angolan police arrest activists, prevent press conference

DVBP147 4 P 0176 AGO /AFP-VH92 Angola-politics-rights Angolan police arrest activists, prevent press conference LUANDA, Aug 21, 2011 (AFP) - Angolan police held 20 young civil rights activists on Sunday for around three hours for trying to hold a press conference that was interrupted by police. A journalist on site was also arrested and his camera equipment and mobile phone confiscated. "We did not want to protest, but to organise a press conference in a square in Luanda. The police arrived, arrested 20 of our colleagues," one of the organisers only identified by his first name Armando, told AFP. "The police confiscated our tables, our chairs, a radio and a camera." Police spokesman Nestor Goubel confirmed the arrests and said all were released around 10:00 am (0900 GMT) some three hours after they were detained. Angola drew criticism from human rights groups for barring entry to activists and cancelling a civil society gathering ahead of a summit of regional leaders hosted by Luanda last week. jb-cpb/sba/jg/gk AFP 211112 GMT AUG 11