AFPTV Advisory for Sunday

DVBP952 4 N 0630 GBR /AFP-VE28 AFPTV-Advisory AFPTV Advisory for Sunday LONDON, Aug 21, 2011 (AFP) - We will file the following videos: AFRICA To be transmitted: Defiant Kadhafi vows victory as rebels advance WESTERN LIBYA A beleaguered Moamer Kadhafi urged supporters Sunday to "march by the millions" and quash a months-long uprising, as strong explosions rocked Tripoli amid fighting between rebels and regime supporters. NEWS We are monitoring developments from the rebel front line to the west of Tripoli where an AFPTV crew is deployed As World Water Week gets underway in Stockholm, we have refiled the following package: Making money and saving lives through clean water WESTERN PROVINCE, Kenya Some 900,000 home water filtration systems have been handed out to nearly every house in the Western Province of Kenya for free. But this isn't the actions of a charity keen to provide clean water, but a business which hopes to make millions over the coming years, by selling carbon credits as they say people will no longer have to boil water to make sure it is clean. ENVIRONMENT & NATURE Refile of a previously transmitted voiced report NSV - VID347552_EN BROADCAST-READY - VID347553_EN WEB - MMV347554_EN EUROPE To be transmitted: Pope celebrates mass in Madrid MADRID Pope Benedict XVI wraps up the World Youth Day festival with an open-air mass NEWS Images and soundbites - transmission time to be confirmed One month after massacre, Norway remembers OSLO Norway holds an official day of commemoration and mourning for the 77 people killed in Anders Behring Breivik's twin attacks on July 22. NEWS Images and soundbites - transmission time to be confirmed Russia marks 20 years since putsch MOSCOW Russia has marked the 20th anniversary of the failed 1991 coup by Soviet hardliners that temporarily ousted Mikhail Gorbachev from power. NEWS Raw images to be transmitted by 1000 GMT MIDDLE EAST Already transmitted: Ramadan has Iraqi locals playing decades-old game BAGHDAD "Mhebiss" or "Rings" is a game that's been played between neighbours in Iraq for decades and is especially popular during the holy month of Ramadan. In recent years the game was abandoned in light of the security threats but it has resurfaced again this year, livening up the streets well into the night. RELIGION Voiced report NSV - VID360534_EN BROADCAST-READY - VID360535_EN WEB - MMV360536_EN ASIA-PACIFIC To be transmitted: Delhi's street hawkers cash in at anti-graft rallies NEW DELHI India's usually impoverished street hawkers are doing a brink trade in anti-corruption merchandise as thousands gather in support of activist Anna Hazare and his two-week hunger strike. White "Gandhi" caps and the Indian flag have proved hot items at the rallies, much to the delight of entrepreneurial vendors. NEWS / ECONOMY Images and soundbites to be transmitted by 1000 GMT AMERICAS To be transmitted: French sailor Joyon ready for record attempt --again NEW YORK French sailor Joyon is to set sail again on his giant trimaran in New York Sunday night, hoping to recapture the world record for the quickest North Atlantic crossing by a solo yachtsman. NEWS/SPORT/CULTURE & LIFESTYLE Images and soundbites of interview with Francis Joyon ahead of his attempt to be transmitted by 1100 GMT Contact: Robert Leslie: +44 (0)20 7010 8781 For contact via email: [email protected] AFP 211011 GMT AUG 11