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DVBP944 4 N 0877 FRA /AFP-VE09 News-advisory AFP 1000 GMT news advisory PARIS, Aug 21, 2011 (AFP) - Duty Editor: Denis Barnett Tel: + 33 1 4041 4636 -- TOP STORIES -- + Explosions rock Tripoli as rebels advance + Gaze rockets rain down on Israel + US will never default on debt, Biden says in China Libya-conflict,4thlead-WRAP TRIPOLI Explosions and gunfire rock Tripoli as a months-long uprising reaches the Libyan capital with rebel leaders insisting they were near to ending Moamer Kadhafi's 42-year regime. 950 words 1200 GMT by Imed Lamloum. Picture. Video Israel-Palestinians-conflict-Gaza-attacks,2ndlead-WRAP BEERSHEVA, Israel Israelis and Palestinians wake to a fourth day of violence, with militants firing 17 rockets into Israel despite an unusually quiet night in Gaza just hours after a rocket killed an Israeli. 700 words 1100 GMT by Yoav Lemmer. Picture. Video We will also move: Israel-Palestinians-conflict-Gaza-attacks-media Israel-Palestinians-conflict-Gaza-timeline China-US-diplomacy-Biden,4thlead-WRAP CHENGDU, China US Vice President Joe Biden says the world's biggest economy will never default on its debts, during a visit aimed at boosting Chinese confidence in America's beleaguered finances. 750 words 1200 GMT by Jonathan Landreth. Picture. Graphic -- EUROPE -- Russia-NKorea-politics-diplomacy,2ndlead BUREYA STATION, Russia North Korea's reclusive leader Kim Jong Il visits a major hydro power station in Russia during his long-week tour of the Far East and Siberia ahead of his summit with President Dmitry Medvedev later this week. 650 words 1130 GMT by Anna Smolchenko. Picture Vatican-pope-Spain-WYD,2ndlead-WRAP MADRID Pope Benedict XVI, emerging into a dazzling sun after being lashed by a violent storm, celebrates mass for 1.5 million pilgrims at a vast Madrid air base to conclude the Catholic youth festival. 850 words 1030 GMT by Jean-Louis de la Vaissiere. Picture. Video We have also moved: Vatican-pope-Spain-WYD,SCENE Norway-attacks OSLO Norway commemorates the 77 victims of the shootings and bomb attacks exactly a month ago on its soil, the worst violence in the country in peacetime. 400 words moved. Picture -- MIDDLE EAST -- Egypt-Israel-attacks-diplomacy CAIRO Rockets fired from Gaza land across the border in Egypt, where anti-Israeli tensions are running high after the deaths of policemen on the border between the two countries and protests outside Israel's embassy. 650 words 1200 GMT. Picture Iran-US-hikers-trial,2ndlead TEHRAN Tehran's prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi confirms that Iran has sentenced two American hikers to eight years in prison each for illegal entry and espionage, local media reports. 600 words 1130 GMT by Farhad Pouladi. File Picture Syria-politics-unrest,2ndlead-WRAP DAMASCUS A UN humanitarian team was in Syria to assess crisis needs as President Bashar al-Assad prepares to speak to the nation after Western leaders called for his resignation over his regime's brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. 650 words 1200 GMT. Graphic. Picture -- AMERICAS -- CentrAm-Mexico-weather-storm,lead TEGUCIGALPA Tropical Storm Harvey pounds Central America and eastern Mexico with strong winds and torrential rain, threatening to trigger devastating mudslides across the mountainous terrain. 500 words 1030 GMT US-France-crime-StraussKahn-court,ADVANCER NEW YORK Three months after his shocking arrest on sex assault charges, fallen French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn could learn his fate as soon as Monday, as speculation builds that the case may be dismissed. 800 words moved by Sebastian Smith. File Picture. Video -- ASIA -- Afghanistan-politics-vote,3rdlead KABUL Afghanistan's election commission throws nine lawmakers out of parliament in a bid to settle nearly a year of disputes over fraud-tainted elections that have paralysed the lower house. 550 words 1130 GMT by Sardar Ahmad. Picture India-corruption-dissent NEW DELHI Anna Hazare, the hunger striker whose protest against corruption has galvanised millions of Indians, sounds a note of defiance after government calls for dialogue. 550 words 1130 GMT. Picture Australia-US-attacks-Guantanamo-UN,lead SYDNEY An Australian who spent more than five years in Guantanamo Bay and pleaded guilty to supporting terrorism is going to the United Nations to challenge US ally Canberra's handling of his case. 700 words 1100 GMT by Amy Coopes. File picture -- AFRICA -- CapeVerde-vote,lead PRAIA Cape Verdeans vote to elect a new president of the archipelago, which has experienced a decade of economic growth under Pedro Pires but remains vulnerable with meagre natural resources. 600 words 1030GMT by Allen Yero Embalo. Picture afp AFP 211007 GMT AUG 11